Release Notes - Apache Twill - 0.10.0


  • TWILL-46 Have a way to specify / control the restart action upon container failure
  • TWILL-63 Speed up application launch time
  • TWILL-181 Control the maximum number of retries for failed application starts
  • TWILL-187 Max app start time should be configurable
  • TWILL-199 Get next offset and handle offset error in KafkaConsumer.MessageCallback
  • TWILL-205 Location should have a way to set the group ownership
  • TWILL-208 Location should have a way to set permissions when creating directories
  • TWILL-216 Make ratio between total memory and on-heap memory configurable

Bug fixes:

  • TWILL-210 ServiceMain does not handle well URI without authority
  • TWILL-211 Retries of failed runnable instances may result in unsatisfiable provisioning requests
  • TWILL-218 The implicit jopt-simple dependency should be made explicit

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