Release Notes - Apache Twill - 0.11.0

New Feature:

  • TWILL-122 Allow disabling the log transport
  • TWILL-179 Provides more flexibility in controlling the container classpath and classloader
  • TWILL-189 SecureStoreUpdater should support updating secure store as other users
  • TWILL-225 Allow using different configurations per application submission


  • TWILL-90 Add supports for setting resource capability for the AM
  • TWILL-119 Updates to work on a secure cluster with HA ResourceManager
  • TWILL-176 Set ResourceManager tracking URL to resources path.
  • TWILL-180 TwillController.onTerminated() should pass the exit status of the app to the callback
  • TWILL-207 Better have the cache name purely based on class hash to encourage greater reuse.
  • TWILL-220 ResourceReportClient should not error log

Bug fixes:

  • TWILL-171 Update HDFS delegation token properly for HA mode
  • TWILL-186 ApplicationMaster keeps restarting with NPE in the log.
  • TWILL-194 KMS delegation token is not included if the FileContextLocationFactory is ued
  • TWILL-222 TwillRunnable will always have the ROOT log level INFO if we do not explicitly set the log level in TwillPreparer.
  • TWILL-223 FileContextLocationFactory should use FileContext instance based on the caller UGI
  • TWILL-227 Possible leakage of FileSystem object when YarnUtils.addDelegationTokens is called with different user
  • TWILL-228 Application jar is not properly built when the client bundles application and twill classes in the same fat jar
  • TWILL-229 Use the logback_template.xml as the default logback configuration
  • TWILL-230 Retrieval of ResourceReport via TwillController may fail


  • TWILL-226 Remove the deprecated HDFSLocationFactory and related classes

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