Release Notes - Apache Twill - 0.8.0


  • TWILL-107 Support payloads for Discoverables
  • TWILL-167 Add toString() to FileContextLocation
  • TWILL-184 Allow user to disable the SecureStoreUpdater in Twill
  • TWILL-188 LocationFactory should have options to accept permission for create

Bug fixes:

  • TWILL-163 LocationFactory.getHomeLocation method returns home location of the user running the application instead of the user that owns the hdfs directories.
  • TWILL-173 Application Master failed with BindException occasionally
  • TWILL-175 Hadoop21YarnAppClient caches a YarnClient
  • TWILL-177 ZKDiscoveryService should have a way to remove its connection watcher
  • TWILL-182 ApplicationBundler will overwrite dependencies with identical names
  • TWILL-190 Restart of a TwillRunnable does not wait for the runnable to stop

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