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Apache Twill – Apache Twill Release 0.14.0

Release Notes - Apache Twill - 0.14.0

Bug fixes:

  • TWILL-260 - Less invasive change to upgrade version of zkclient
  • TWILL-262 - YarnUtils#cloneHaNnCredentials uses DFSUtil#getHaNnRpcAddresses, which is removed from DFSUtils from hadoop-2.8
  • TWILL-264 - Discovery.hashCode implementation is wrong
  • TWILL-268 - Upgrade to asm 7.1 to support later version Java
  • TWILL-271 - Dependencies used by custom ClassLoader class is missing from the application jar


  • TWILL-206 - The LocationCacheCleaner should also remove directories of older sessions.
  • TWILL-265 - Excludes lz4 transitive dependency from the kafka-client


  • TWILL-253 - Drop Java 7 support
  • TWILL-270 - Remove support for old Hadoop 2.0-alpha and CH 4.4 versions

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